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  • Dell Latitude E Series 90W Adapter

    Dell Latitude E Series 90W Adapter

    Dell - This is a Brand New DELL Original Product 90-watt AC Adapter for Dell Notebooks with 3 ft Power Cord. Dell Part Numbers: PA-3E, PA3-E, WK890, Y807G, 330-1826, Y808G, 330-1825, 330-1828, D094H, 330-1827, 330-4113, C120H, Y807G, 330-1826

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  • E-Port Replicator with 130-Watt Power Adapter

    E-Port Replicator with 130-Watt Power Adapter

    Dell - This is a Brand New E-Port Replicator with 130-Watt Power Cord for Select Dell Latitude E-Family Laptops / Precision Mobile WorkStations Compatible Notebook Models: Latitude E:2100, E4200, E4300, E4310, E5400, E5410, E5500, E5510, E6400, E6400 ATG, E6400 XFR, E6410, E6410 ATG, E6500, E6510 Precision: M2400, M4400, M4500 XPS: 14 (L401X), 15 (L501X)

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  • DELL Latitude D620 Battery

    DELL Latitude D620 Battery

    Dell - This is a 6 Cell Lithium ion Rechargeable Primary Laptop Battery. Compatible Notebook Models: Dell Latitude D620. Dell Part Numbers: 0GD775 , 0GD787, 0JD605, 0JD606, 0JD610, 0JD616, 0JD634, 0JD648, 0KD489, 0KD491, 0KD494, 0KD495, 0PD685, 0RD300, 0RD301, 0TC030, 0TD116, 0TD117, 0TD175, 0TG226, 0UD088, 0UG260, 312-0383, 312-0384, 312-0386, 451-10298, GD775, GD776, GD787, JD605, JD606, JD610, JD616, JD634, JD648, JD775, KD489, KD491, KD492, KD494, KD495, PC764, PD685, RC126, RD300, RD301, TC030, TD116, TD117, TD175, TG226, UD088, 310-9080, 0NT367, PC765,

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  • DELL 9 Cell DF249 Li-Ion Battery for Latitude D820

    DELL 9 Cell DF249 Li-Ion Battery for Latitude D820

    Dell - This is a Brand New Dell Original Lithium-Ion Battery for Latitude D820 and Precision M65, Compatible Notebook Models: Latitude D820, Precision M65, Dell Part Numbers: CF623, YD623, CF704, CF711, DF249, 312-0394, 312-0393, XD735, XD736, 312-0393, YD624, DF230, DF249, FF231, FF232, 312-0402, XD739.

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  • DELL 09T215 PA-10 90 Watt AC Adapter

    DELL 09T215 PA-10 90 Watt AC Adapter

    Dell - This is a Brand New DELL Original Product 90-watt AC Adapter for Dell Notebooks with power cord. Dell Part Numbers: U7809, 310-2862, 310-3399, 310-4002, 310-6325, 310-6557, 310-7698, 310-7699, 310-7712, 310-7743, 310-7744, 310-7860, 310-9047, 310-9049, 310-9375, 310-9376, 312-0578, 312-0579, 312-0596, 312-0597, 320-1389, 9T215, C2894, CF820, CF989, DF266, DF349, F8834, FF313, NADP-90KB, NF599, UC473,

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Laptop Battery

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